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Devon Sutherland

Scott Lumley brings to the surface some important stories, advice, and tips from Devon Sutherlan and Accomplished Entrepreneur and Lawyer. Devon has created his wealth over the past 22. He had his ups and downs, but nothing would stop him. Once he figured out how to make a dollar, he then learned to make two and so on and so on.
An interesting interview with an overview of what its like to juggle the life of an entrepreneur and a family man.

Airing on BizTV on Sunday June 4th @ 7pm EST

Clint Ratliff

Scott Lumley has a sit down with new entrepreneur, Clint Ratliff, who has recently transitioned his career from a successful corporate career to becoming an entrepreneur in real estate and is quickly becoming a shining star using Resolve Suite. Scott Lumley and Clint Ratliff dive into what it means to overcome the “naysayers”, to listen to yourself and your mentor, having enough heart to take a risk, enough work ethic to see it through, and experiencing a reward of growth and stability. A story of growth and change seen from two different perspectives in life, one undergoing the change and one who has been through it already.

Airing on BizTV on Sunday June 11th @ 7pm EST

Steve lefkovitz

Scott Lumley brings to the surface some important stories, advice, and tips from Super Attorney and Accomplished Entrepreneur Steven L. Lefkovitz. Lefkovitz has created his legacy in Nashville, TN with over 37 years of practice in law as well as a very successful Entrepreneur. He figured out how to become a powerful bankruptcy attorney in Nashville and simultaneously maintained a successful thriving business in the realm of entrepreneurs. An interesting interview with an overview of what it looks like to double down in the world of business and law.

Airing on BizTV on Sunday June 18th @ 7pm EST

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Talks about live, love, business, entrepreneurship. Success and downfalls. This is is a must watch.
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