About Scott Lumley

Scott Lumley didn’t decide one day to become an entrepreneur; Scott scott lumleybecame an entrepreneur because he was born to become an entrepreneur. He got his first job at the astoundingly young age of 12 years old out of necessity to remove himself from a toxic environment and build his future. While attending school from ages 12 to 16, Scott would wake up at 4:00am, tend to the ranch on which he worked, attend school, and then work on the ranch until it was time to go to bed.

In his 38 years as an entrepreneur, Scott Lumley has run over 100 businesses across nearly every industry or field imanginable.  He ran copy machine businesses, real estate businesses, and electronics companies. He hand built the backend auction model for Circuit City and created the Popcorn auction for Best Buy. He was even the #1 seller on eBay for 7 years and spoke at eBay live for 3 years.

Because of the rough nature he had starting out as an entrepreneur, Scott understands the spirit of the underdog, one who is fighting their hardest even when all the odds are stacked against them. His drive to succeed, empowering the underdogs he sees in business, and elevating them to success, stems from a lifetime of hardships and a desire to help ensure others are not forced to endure the same endeavors.

As an entrepreneur, Scott knows that no business can last forever; that’s why it’s critical for entrepreneurs to be ever-evolving, just like the consumer marketplace, so that they can adapt to those changes.

Currently, Scott Lumley has his hands in a number of businesses of his creation:

Scott T. Lumley

With his vast experience in virtually every conceivable industry. Scott is using his knowledge to help others who in need. He has assisted many companies, in many different areas such as:

  • Financing
  • Structure
  • Scaling
  • Start Up

Mr. Lumley can successfully tackle almost any business situation, with his drive to win and his wisdom of business.

Resolve Financials, LLC

When Scott Lumley founded Resolve Financials, he had one major goal in mind: to provide debt negotiation to those in need. As Scott Lumley has gone through his own trials and tribulations, he had gained the knowledge and connections throughout the industry. While he was providing this valuable support to consumers, he landed a deal with a large real estate company, and as time went on real estate piqued his interest.

Resolve Commercial, LLC

Resolve Commercial was founded with the concept of taking undeveloped property or distressed parcels of land and turning them into something valuable. Resolve Commercial has completed numerous re-developments across the Southeast United States. Here, Scott specializes in re-development of industrial buildings, turning them into beautiful commercial bays and strip centers. This is especially challenging considering the obstacles one has to overcome. This is why it’s Mr. Lumley’s specialty.

Resolve Suite, LLC

After developing extensive knowledge of the real estate industry, Scott Lumley founded Resolve Suite, LLC, an industry leading technology, that allows ordinary individuals to find outrageous deals on Real Estate. With the technology on the market, it is one of a kind. It brings together hundreds of years of processes and techniques and placing them right in front of the user’s eyes, allowing users to acquire property for pennies on the dollar.

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