Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read list by Scott Lumley

5 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

When we’re caught up in business decisions, meetings and life’s other responsibilities, we can forget the importance of picking up a good book to expand our minds. Any book is better than no book, but why not read something that can heighten your entrepreneurial senses to give you an edge.

Here are some of the books I would recommend for any entrepreneur to add to their reading list.

The Entrepreneur’s Pocket Guide — Scott Lumley

I wouldn’t be a good entrepreneur if I didn’t first highlight my own book first. I truly believe this has everything you need to be the best entrepreneur possible. I’ve included everything from starting your own business to finding an exit strategy if you need to move on and pursue new ventures. I used my 37 years of entrepreneurial experience to write this for y’all. I didn’t have a mentor when I first started as an entrepreneur, so I failed countless times and learned everything the hard way. The pocket guide will literally fit in the back pocket of your jeans because there’s no fluff. It’s direct information with links to help you in real life business. You can order it on Amazon or at

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life — Walter Isaacson

This biography by Walter Isaacson follows Ben Franklin’s entire life in a colorful yet intimate narrative. Benjamin Franklin was a runaway apprentice who overcame the odds to be one of our country’s best writers, inventors, business strategists, and more. His wisdom is something we modern-day entrepreneurs shouldn’t be ignorant to. Isaacson is also the author of biographies highlighting Einstein and Steve Jobs.

Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking — Malcolm Gladwell

In business, big decisions are often made in the blink of an eye. This bestseller by Malcolm Gladwell examines the psychology behind those seemingly simple decisions, providing a window into why our brains work the way they do. Decision-making and intuition are important topics for business owners and entrepreneurs, and this book does a great job of helping us understand our subconscious rationale behind our decision-making process.

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It — Kamal Ravikant

While this book might not be the first choice that comes to mind for an entrepreneur’s reading list, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It could easily transform your life and mindset — therefore transforming your business. When the author’s business was failing and his life was falling apart, he looked inwardly and learned to love himself. This change in perspective is what led him to greater success. It is a well-written book of raw emotion that opens your eyes to some incredible thoughts.

Don’t Look Me Up: The Scott Lumley Stories

I’ll leave you with another book of mine. Don’t Look Me Up: The Scott Lumley Stories is a raw tale of the darkest parts of my life and how I pulled up my bootstraps to triumph over abuse, loss and life’s unexpected misfortunes. The book means a great deal to me, and I hope my story inspires others to persevere through their darker days.

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