Why Every Entrepreneur Needs an Online Brand Scott Lumley

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs an Online Brand

Online branding is the wave of the future. Creating an online presence isn’t just important for businesses. Entrepreneurs and professionals should also be conscious of their online presence.

So many people think, “I know who I am. Why do I need to make a big deal about it?” As a cowboy, I get that. But I also know the importance of being in control of your own online image. If you’ve read my book, Don’t Look Me Up, you know why.

Here are a few key reasons you should consider building your own personal brand online.

Connecting With Your Audience

Millennials and adults of all ages are spending more time on mobile devices than ever before. This means entrepreneurs need to adapt. Traditional networking events are still effective, but you are missing out on opportunities if you’re not active online.

Social media is filled with connections waiting to be made. Whether you’re promoting your business or connecting with others about your own personal interests, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are the way to go. Instagram is also growing in popularity. Through social media, you can connect with people in your professional industry to form mutually beneficial relationships.

Even a personal website can be useful for entrepreneurs. If you actively post blogs that are relevant to your audience, it’s a great way to share your story while establishing yourself as a trusted thought leader. Your “about me” section can also give readers a window into your life.

It Can Affect Your Bottom Line

If you’re a business owner, your personal brand is a cornerstone of your company. Your name is associated with your business, meaning your values are associated with the values of your company. Transparency is a big deal in business right now, meaning everyone wants to know more about the inner workings of businesses and who is running them.

A strong presence on social media costs little to nothing. If you have a large personal following online, you could use those connections strategically to help your business. Traditional advertising can be costly, but getting people to share your content on social media is free. There is never guaranteed return on investment, but social media is the new word of mouth. You’re falling behind if you’re not on board.

Entrepreneurship has evolved over the years, and an online presence is now an important part of the equation. Regardless of what industry you’re in, branding yourself online can open doors.

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